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Branding, Integrated Marketing and Original Thinking


The Sales & Marketing Connection (S&MC) is an integrated marketing and sales consultancy for companies needing to outsource their strategic marketing, branding, social media, promotions, WOMM, event management and sales/business development. We specialize in business and marketing strategy, branding, sales and marketing alignment and business capture consulting.

We do this by developing, managing and implementing very original thinking that produces measurable results. We help you seamlessly plan, develop, coordinate and implement a full range of winning marketing and sales programs that focus on business development strategies across diverse media, to give you the flexibility to move your company forward, and gain maximum mind share fast, in budget and without adding overhead.

By placing an emphasis on measuring performance and delivering maximum results for every investment, S&MC has a solid foundation, growing rapidly, achieving industry recognition for world class brands such as Dannon, Heinz, Bestfoods, Nestle, Kraft, Neutrogena, Vidal Sassoon, Dial, Timex, Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, Fox, Cadillac, Saab, Dodge, and more.

Melinda is a serial entrepreneur with 30+s years of hands-on business building success helping businesses capture new customers, keep their existing clients and grow their revenues profitably. She has held senior marketing and sales positions with industry leaders and emerging companies in highly competitive entrepreneurial, agency, consulting & international corporate environments. Her background in both sales and marketing gives her the unique ability to bridge the gap that often separates those departments, and develop strategic business and marketing initiatives that impact the bottom line of the organization.